Mr. Attaullah Mughal, founder Alfatah Industries Pvt Ltd, was convinced that the market for home appliances was not saturated enough and that people were being kept away from supreme quality products. He had a passion to enter this market and provide his customers with the top most quality of home appliances. Thus, his exceptionally made cooking ranges soon became the talk of the town which allowed him to expand his potential and witnessed his dreams turning into reality.

The expansion proved to be rewarding and gave birth to Corona, a pioneer of finely produced home appliances in Pakistan. It was established in 1982 as a subsidiary of Alfatah Industries Pvt Ltd. Corona is the only brand which is manufactured completely in Pakistan. It is profoundly known as the leader of the local home appliances market.

Our company manufactures heaters, cooking ranges, water heaters and water coolers.

Corona’s manufacturing plant is situated in Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate. Our products are assembled in accordance with the International Standards as approved by Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority. With the help of highly skilled labor and a team of professional management, we manage to produce the best quality goods for our end users.

Our products are widely popular in both rural and urban areas of Pakistan. By the Grace of Allah, Corona has earned a massive share in the home appliance industry. We sell our products over a large price range which allows us to target the middle and upper middle class of Pakistan.

Mr. Mughal’s footsteps were followed by his son Mr. Nasrullah Mughal. He joined the family business in 1987 and took forward his father’s legacy. Recently, his grandson also took part in the business with the hope of advancing Corona and making it even more successful. Three generations together are now working persistently in order to make sure that our brand builds its customer’s trust and does not compromise on quality.